Orator is a new way to sound your event

We provide innovative yet very usual way to sound your event.

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Every participant already has his own device to listen for your speech.


The participant uses his own phone which is probably his favorite device. He uses his own headset if needed and feels great.


Smartphone is much more powerful than regular FM headset and we provide mobile applications with many features you never seen before.


You can significantly reduce your expenses to sound your event using our technology. Save up to 80% for hardware.

Man and woman with mobile devices illustration

Expand Area

Even with the amplifiers you can't talk to too many people and believe they hear you. You are a speech rock star maybe but your event is not a rock concert.

Better Quality

Orator increases the speech intelligibility removing environmental noise and amplifier equipment distortion.

Safe Listening

While the participants close to the stage becomes deaf because of the sound power, those who are far away doesn't hear nothing. We fix it!


Orator can broadcast your speech on the internet and PSTN (regular phones). Everyone can reach your event.


Participants can interact to the speaker, ask questions, send signs when they like something or don't.

People Friendly

Hard of hearing persons can use their hearing aid in addition. Sign language translation is upcoming.


We provide expert simultaneous interpreting service to make your speech understandable for all participants. You can choose interpreters.

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Onsite Interpreter

You can hire interpreters and we will equip them with software to work onsite.

Cloud Interpreter

Orator has contracts with many interpreter agencies worldwide and you can hire them remotely.

Worldwide Availability

Wherever you make an event, you can hire professional interpreters fast and there's no need to travel.

Urgent Schedule

Orator can schedule event as fast as the chosen interpreter agency is ready.

Native Speakers

You can hire native speakers for most of the languages, without an accent or with the preferred one.

Professional Experts

Schedule early to find an expert interpreter for medical, chemistry or any other special theme.

Become Reseller

We provide flexible and profitable sales.

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