Outdoor event

Let's say, you are going to make a political meeting on the square. You have some prediction of the number of participants, but you can't know the exact quantity.

Of course, you will use some sound amplifiers and acoustic systems in hope everybody to hear you, but the most far listeners will experience difficulties trying to understand what they hear, because of wind, public transport sounds and other environmental noise. Trees, buildings and other things between the speaker system and the listener's ear will distort the sound, probably will add echo, reverberation, etc.

In addition, some of event participants can be hard of hearing, or people who don't know the speaker language good enough.

The best thing, you can now broadcast your speech to any number of listeners and each of them will be listening for you like if you are speaking to her/him personally.

Clear sound, and interactive functions will enhance your event's level, making it more interesting and informative.

Sports event

When you watch some sports event on TV you can listen for the commentator, who is providing additional interesting information. We wonder why you can't get the same service when you're on the stadium?

The viewers can not see the whole stadium or a ski track and it is a bit hurts when you bought a ticket but you can see less, than on TV for free.

Many sports events had lack of viewers last years. And you should make events more interesting and comfortable to see.


This is probably the most usual case for our technology. Use our service to provide simultaneous translation and to sound your conference.